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h7dra asked: hey, I just started dancing, and I have a very stupid question. when a partner turns me around, how do I know in which direction to turn? what do I do? maybe I got the idea wrong?

and oops, I meant the “spin” part. when he lets me go from the closed position, i do the spin and am supposed to come back. I really hope I use correct words because I study in my native language ugh ughu hu sorry

Ok this is kind of tricky to answer because I assume you’re talking about basic tuck turns and free spins but without seeing what you’re doing it’s a bit tough to verbalize input for you.

With that in mind, I’m going to just share a couple of videos that I think illustrate/demonstrate decent basic-ish tuck turns and spins.

Here’s a review on a tuck turn lesson. The first half of this is probably more helpful than the second (more complicated) half. It’s just a review but you may be able to get something out of seeing how the follower responds to the turns that the leader initiates.

Here’s a brief clip of what looks like Jo Hoffberg and Kevin St. Laurent demonstrating tuck turns. Again, this isn’t a lesson, just a clip.

Here’s a video with Bobby and Ann teaching spins and turns. With actual instruction!

Another video from the same site on free spins and turning.

That site, LindyHopMoves.com, is pretty good in terms of actual instructional clips and videos. :)

I’m answering this publicly so that my followers might be able to send you some more helpful info! Also tagging Tumblr Hoppers because those folks are lovely. <3


New Orleans Swamp Donkeys performing the Game of Thrones theme song. Brilliant!

bandspizza asked: U LIKE DOCTOR WHO AND SWING DANCING TOO???!??!



Our local swing dance club keeps our paperwork in a blue file box we keep meaning to paint to look like the TARIFFS…

I want to make a joke about tariffs but I don’t know enough about colonial history to make that work.

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